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Our Guide to Navigating a Struggling Heat Pump

A heat pump is an amazing invention. It can make the winter months much more bearable, and it’s environmentally friendly to boot. But sometimes they struggle, whether it be because of a lack of maintenance or just being old.

If you have been noticing any signs that your appliance may not be working as well as usual, now is the time to call for professional service.

In this blog post, we will talk about a few reasons why your heat pump is struggling and what can happen if you wait too long. You also learn who to contact when you need heating repair in Albuquerque, NM.

Reasons for a Struggling Heat Pump

Here’s how to know your heat pump is now working effectively and efficiently:

High Energy Bills

It’s easy to spot when your heat pump is struggling because you will notice a hike in energy bills. If it seems like the amount of money you are spending on electricity has gone up, then there may be something wrong with the appliance.

This is because a heat pump works by transferring warm air into your home. When it’s not working properly, that process becomes a lot harder. And you’ll see the evidence in your energy bill.

Poor Comfort Control

Do you use different settings for heating and cooling but still feel hot or cold? Or does your heat pump blow cold air in heating mode? This could be another sign that your heat pump is not working as it should.

If the temperature in your home isn’t consistent, this could mean that the appliance is having trouble distributing air effectively. This can result in discomfort and an inability to get the room to the right temperature.

Leaking Refrigerant

Another clear indication of a struggling heat pump is if you start to see refrigerant leaking from the appliance.

If this starts happening, it means that there is something wrong with the compressor, which is a key part of the heat pump. And if not fixed, could result in further damage to your appliance.

Heat pumps use a refrigerant as part of the cooling process, so any leaks in this system can be dangerous.

Strange Smells

Finally, if you start to smell something strange coming from your heat pump, it’s time to take notice.

A musty smell could be an indication of mold growth in the system, while a smell of excrement (rotting smell) could mean an animal infiltrated the system. A burning smell is a sign of serious electrical issues that you should fix immediately.

If you notice these signs and don’t fix the issues, the problems with the system will only escalate and render it useless.

Getting Help From a Professional Service Provider

All these signs are clear indicators to call for professional service. But why should you contact an appliance repair company over someone who specializes in heating and cooling?

A heat pump is not something that individuals can fix easily. So it’s best left up to the professionals who have the tools and knowledge to repair it quickly and safely.

If you’re not sure where to start or need heating repair in Albuquerque, NM, reach out to us. Quality work, exuberant service

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