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Helen Martin's Profile Image
Helen Martin, 3+ years ago

The customer reps you sent were excellent! So kind and so efficient. They were careful about their masks and covering their shoes. I was very pleased with their work. I received your call this morning and sorry I wasn't here but here are my impressions. Thank you for your service.

Stephanie Waldrop's Profile Image
Stephanie Waldrop, 3+ years ago
Kenneth Lloyd's Profile Image
Kenneth Lloyd, 3+ years ago
Kenneth A. Lloyd's Profile Image
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Kenneth A. Lloyd, 3+ years ago

Sean quickly diagnosed a problem with our AC that had been present since it was installed. Got it fixed, and our AC has never worked this good! Impressive!

ella page's Profile Image
ella page, 3+ years ago
BELLFLOWER's Profile Image
BELLFLOWER, 3+ years ago
Diane Flynn's Profile Image
Diane Flynn, 3+ years ago
Lynne Landers's Profile Image
Lynne Landers, 3+ years ago

I just had my furnace and a/c replaced by First Rate Plumbing and I was extremely happy with the service I received from the original quote to the installation. Sean went out of his way to accommodate the roofing company and coordinate the installation of my new units. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

Today my heat with my Ecobee thermostat (which I dearly love) was switched over to air. Jake did a great job and was very respectful. It has been 9 months with my two new units and I am still very happy with First Rate Plumbing.

Jennifer Morton's Profile Image
Jennifer Morton, 3+ years ago
Rob Corlew's Profile Image
Rob Corlew, 3+ years ago

Sean was great when he came out to service our A/C unit. He was thorough and explained all aspects of the repairs. I would not hesitate to contact them in the future.

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