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Jessy W.'s Profile Image
Jessy W., Last month

Excellent customer service. First Rate PHC responded to our inquiry quickly. They were efficient, professional, and went above and beyond to address our need. Thank you!

Charles Bateson's Profile Image
Charles Bateson, This year

Sean was awesome and he fixed our problems quickly and professionally.

Jonathan Barradas's Profile Image
Jonathan Barradas, This year

Love the service and the knowledge that always comes!

Dude Beth's Profile Image
Dude Beth, This year

From the estimate to the final work, First Rate Plumbing did an outstanding job installing our new HVAC system. David and his team were very efficient, clean, and made everything top notch. The inspector said this contractor did a great job! We highly recommend First Rate Plumbing. Thank you First Rate Plumbing!

Sue Hornbuckle's Profile Image
Sue Hornbuckle, This year

I have First Rate Plumbing Heating installed a whole house humidifier. The installer did a wonderful job and they have to think about what's the best solution for the problem as my house is a high ceiling with no attic and they also have to change the thermostat so the new thermostat will also sense the house humidity too. They also clean up the area. I appreciated their hard work.

Caryn Wagner's Profile Image
Caryn Wagner, This year

When my fabulous plumber retired, he suggested First Rate Plumbing. After speaking with them, I had a new water heater installed. I have never had a better installation done in all the years of being a homeowner since 1981. So soon after, I had them replace my heater, air conditioner and split system for our upstairs. They were the most professional plumbers I have ever used. They were respectful of my wood floors; they were efficient, incredibly pleasant and friendly, and did a beautiful and thorough job. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Brenton Fewox's Profile Image
Brenton Fewox, This year
Susan MacLean's Profile Image
Susan MacLean, This year

I called First Rate last week to inquire about replacement of our furnace. We had, unfortunately, waited too long and by the time we called we had a significant leak. (We have baseboard heating.) Brad, our technician was immediately responsive and came over to give us a quote. I don't know that the quote was competitive because we had no time to get other bids. Even if we had, and maybe saved money, I would've probably gone with First Rate. They were back the next morning ready to do the work and did a great job of replacing our antiquated boiled as well as redoing much of the plumbing. (Our boiler was over 30 years old!) We will most definitely use First Rate and Brad again. Thank you!

Alicia Martin's Profile Image
Alicia Martin, This year
Robert Romero's Profile Image
Robert Romero, This year

Excellent service by the First Rate technicians. Andres, David and Jake were great and explained in understandable terms what was happening with my hvac, this is an area I really was clueless in but now I do feel like I understand the process. Their install was very clean and my house now has predictable heat and cooling! Thank guys

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