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Connie Szeluga's Profile Image
Connie Szeluga, This month

Time was taken to do work properly; answers to my questions were forthright, clear to understand and explained further when it wasn't clear. Our technician was extremely profession and my satisfaction his only concern.
I will choose this company again, and will sign on for their yearly maintenance agreement.

Gloria Molinar's Profile Image
Gloria Molinar, This month

They were extremely helpful and offered options. They also help set me up during the time my system went out. They did a great job in getting the system installed, and cleaned up and left everything in perfect order. They were great. I really appreciate them.

Lynn Bernstein's Profile Image
Lynn Bernstein, Last month
Margie Schwartz Green's Profile Image
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Margie Schwartz Green, Last month

I found them on home advisor. They were professional and friendly, got the job done but are pricey.

MB Garza's Profile Image
MB Garza, Last month

I strongly recommend First Rate Plumbing Heating and Cooling. David and Kyle optimized the heating distribution throughout a 23+ year old house that had previously been converted from a swamp cooling system to refrigerated air without the ducts being adjusted accordingly. David's technical expertise and great communication skills to help me understand what was being done and why, were immensely beneficial and much appreciated. The heating is now much more even throughout the home and we no longer have some rooms feeling like a walk-in freezer and others melting you on the spot. It has been an amazing transformation and we are very happy with the work, their professionalism throughout the process, and strong customer-centric approach. Excellent service.

Ian Devlin's Profile Image
Ian Devlin, Last month

I've known the owner for a long time and watched her pour her heart and soul into this company. She's used all her experience and contacts she's made through the years to do whatever she can to make the environment a positive and wonderful place to work. While I cannot speak to the quality of the actual work performed having not experienced it first hand, I know that nothing would be allowed to be sub-par. As an HVAC tech myself, if I lived closer instead of across the country, I would absolutely work for First Rate.

bruce rael's Profile Image
bruce rael, Last month
Victoria C's Profile Image
Victoria C, Last month

I highly recommend First Rate Heating and Cooling! When our water heater went out I knew it was going to be a challenge to find someone to come out and help us right away and we were so relieved that they came out the next morning and was able to install the new water heater (and bring the area up to code) that same week. Kyle was absolutely wonderful explaining the process and what to expect from the new heater. He made what could have been a stressful experience a very positive one! Highly knowledgeable and friendly, I'd recommend this company to anyone!

Roe E's Profile Image
Roe E, Last month
John Kien's Profile Image
John Kien, Last month

We had Sean Iversen here for furnace check and maintenance. He is very competent, caring and motivated. John K .

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